May 192012

Intel manufactures a broad range of laptop processors for all levels of performance. The major brands or mobile series from this company include: Core iSeries Core 2 Core Celeron Pentium Atom The “Core” name covers a few generations of processors based on different micro-architectures which doesn’t help with the already vague model numbers assigned to […]

Apr 282012

Ultrabooks are being touted as the no-compromise laptop. The biggest benefits and most desired aspects of different types of laptops all put into one design. Thin and Lightweight Secure Ultra Responsive High Performance Long Battery Life Reasonable Price! Ultrabook has beenĀ  pushed hard by Intel since May 2011, so much that they have created the […]

Apr 072012

The heart… or brain I suppose… of any laptop is the processor, also referred to as CPU (Central Processing Unit). It’s usually a good idea to get the “most processor” you can afford for longevity and that odd time you decide to re-touch all your digital photos or videos in one giant batch. Laptop processor […]

Apr 072012

So you’re looking for a good gaming laptop? There are several options out there built specifically for gamers and then there are the cheaper options! What’s the difference? Gaming laptops are built with a purpose, usually that purpose is the highest framerate possible so when you’re rushing enemy strongholds in your favorite FPS you can’t […]

Apr 062012

What is a multimedia laptop? It is any laptop that can play or show multiple forms of media, especially video, music, and photos. You may be thinking that nearly all current laptops fall into that category and you would be right, however, there are some features you may want to consider to pick a really […]